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why hercules police believe they will find the body of a man in a pittsburg dump. we will tell you where police will be and what they are looking for this holiday weekend. the winds are west and that means cooler for all. right? deputies are on the manhunt this morning looking for two men accused of a grizzly crime. good morning. welcome to friday. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. let's get a look at weather with steve paulson. >> thank you, pam. good morning, dave. happy friday. we have some low clouds now. [ no audio ]
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trying to make a push inland. 60s and 70s. santa cruz was 98. will go 68 today. there will be upper 90s today. here is sal. traffic is okay on 24 west. traffic looks good here as you drive through the lafayette area. the commute is okay at the bay bridge toll place -- toll plaza. back to the desk. law enforcement teams investigating a killing rampage. they will focus the search for clues on the pittsburg landfill. we have kraig debro with an update on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. so far, police have linked efren valdemoro to two deaths and one missing person. no matter what investigators find here today, their job is
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very difficult because what they have to do is they have to try to find the body of frederick salas. if he is here, they have to pick through tons of garbage for hours. it is not clear if they have information leading to the missing man believed to be here or if experience tells them where to look. his brother filed a missing person report on frederick and their father six days ago. their father, ricardo salas, was bludgeoned to death that day into a bedroom he rented from a home in hercules belonging to cindy tran. there are more details about a fight that the two had with efren valdemoro. in late august, efren valdemoro filed a police report. the police report claims that the two men beat him up. what happened was that ricardo salas woke up to a letter that
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he wrote to efren valdemoro. he asked him to stay out of his relationship with cindy tran. he went to confront efren valdemoro immediately. they were asleep in a bedroom. they got into a fight. he said ricardo salas threw the first punch. at some point during the fight, frederick salas jumped in to help his dad. he said he and his father had to restrain efren valdemoro following the fight because every time they let him up, he would try to throw punches. police believe the fight provides motive for the murder of ricardo salas and the reason that frederick salas is missing. chp shot and killed efren valdemoro on monday night. efren valdemoro got out of his car and ran into the store. when police looked in the car he was driving, they found the body of cindy tran. it was her car he was driving. she was strangled to death
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during the high-speed chase. he killed ricardo salas and cindy tran. police believe he is responsible for frederick salas' disappearance. police have information that leads them here or experience, either way, they expect to find something here today. reporting live, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. a decision by solano county prosecutors could come today whether to formally file charges about another key figure in the complex murder case. charles rittenhouse may have killed his wife and her friend according to police. their bodies were found at charles rittenhouse's vallejo home at the same time police found the large amount of explosives. charles rittenhouse is a chemical engineer. killing spree suspect, efren valdemoro, occasionally stayed at that home. and tonight, former coworkers will hold a memorial service for cindy tran at the hair and
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nail salon where she used to work. investigators say efren valdemoro strangled cindy tran while she was in his car as he was being chased by police. cindy tran called her coworkers on her cell phone during the chase. they say they heard her begging for her life. police are trying to trackdown two men suspected of kidnapping and killing an east palo alto man. jade hernandez joins us from the alameda county sheriff's office with more. >> reporter: good morning. the two men were last seen in sacramento and oakland. that is why we are live at the alameda county sheriff's office. the sheriff's office is hoping to get the new information out this morning. the new information was released from the sheriff's office overnight. we are live in san meandro. these are the two men sheriff's officers are looking for this morning. they are both suspects in the
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kidnapping and death of an east palo alto. the sheriff's office has arrest warrants for manuel trujillo and big momma's and mom -- and muhammad kahn. police believe they are responsible for the death of frankie lopez. he was found off of niles canyon last week. police believe they had a fight over a marijuana grow house which led to his death. police received a tip from a person who was recently arrested. those tips led to the man's body. we will have more on the cold case coming up. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. 6:06 is the time. steve says it is cooling down,
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but it is another spare the air day. >> so true. >> you are urged to spare the air by taking public transportation. third straight day. >> three days. >> we did not have any over the summer, sal. it is labor day weekend so a lot of people will drive. >> we are watching the get away out of town. we have chopper 2 helping us with that. we have chopper 2 looking over the valley. you can see traffic an moving along okay. there are a lot of people out there. it is not completely crowded getting into the valley. we will watch that. moving along to the toll plaza, the west traffic is moving well into san francisco. no problems on the bridge. on the east bay commute, 880 south and north here at hayward and fremont is looking nice.
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steve. thank you. we have a cooler pattern. far inland will be hot, but not as hot as yesterday. that went quick. for you speed readers, 50s for many compared to 60s yesterday. concord at 60. san francisco at 55. yesterday at this time, 67 degrees. a big drop in the temperatures. a sign of a sea breeze up to the west at 10. the last two mornings, they were both calm. there are signs that it is cooler on the coast and bay. warm away to hot. 90s are hot. we will come down 3-5 degrees away from the coast. 60s and 70s and 80s bay side. 55 in san francisco. 58 and 64 at noon. 68 for the high.
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two days ago, it was 84. 41 in tahoe. upper 90s in sacramento. fog up and down the coast. they have been socked in. we need to lift the fog. that will happen tonight into tomorrow. that will usher in a cooling trend. low clouds and fog. again, emphasis on low. they are not up there yet. sunny and warm away from the coast. if you are anything like my mom, anything over 75 is too hot. i understand. if you are inland, it will be hot. by the coast, cool. a lot of fog. 60s and 70s there. cooler on saturday and sunday. warmer on monday because of the very strong system that drops in for a major cooling trend on tuesday and wednesday. we are ready. 6:09. the mystery that has been
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lurking at the airport has been solved. we will tell you what airport officials uncovered when they looked underneath terminal a. i'll show you what environmental groups are saying about yesterday's oil rig fire in the gulf. that is coming up as the morning news continues.
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good morning. welcome back. 6:12. an investigation is under way into the cause of the latest oil rig fire in the gulf of
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mexico. the mariner energy platform is 100 miles south of vermilion bay. all 13 workers jumped into the water from the platform and they were all rescued. the coast guard says there doesn't seem to be oil leaking from the site. alison burns is live with the political fallout from the latest incident. >> reporter: good morning. you know, some environmental groups and members of congress are saying that the fire on the mariner platform is more proof that off shore drilling is too dangerous. they are urging president barack obama to expand the temporary ban on deep water drilling to more shallow we are. the oil industry and the officials in louisiana are rejecting those calls while mariner energy says there was no danger of a spill. >> there were no drilling activities. this is not a blowout. a fire that is contained on the
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fa -- facility. >> reporter: the new york times reports that bp is warning congress if lawmakers pass legislation that bars the company from getting new off shore permits, it may not have the money to pay for damages from the oil spill. george miller wants to bar any company if more than 10 fatal -- fatalities happened at the facilities. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. governor arnold schwarzenegger has a new bill on his desk by putting new restrictions by shipping companies. it requires the ships to be surrounded by booms when they transfer oil. the oil spill by the dubai star triggered action by the bill. the state can raise the fees on
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oil shipped into california. yesterday, the governor thanked steve jobs. the ceo of apple as he signed the organ donation bill. the bill requires the dmv to ask people if they want to be an organ donor when they apply for or renew their licenses. steve jobs was able to go to tennessee for his transplant because the waiting list is so long in california. the bill creates the first living donor registry for kidney transplants in the country. 6:15. robert gates is getting a firsthand look at u.s. military operations in a dangerous part of afghanistan. he is in afghanistan to meet with government leaders and check on the progress of u.s. and nato troops against the taliban in southern afghanistan. after touring the area today, gates said there are signs of progress in the fight against the taliban. he said everybody knows this is
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fall from a done deal. backheree at home. the san mateo will take over police duties in the san carlos area. >> this is a bitter pill for the community to swallow. let's not sugar coat this. >> the city leaders say the change is expected to save money. all of the 26 san carlos police officers will become deputies. the county board is expected to approve the plan. let's go to sal. we are hearing word of a plane crash in the monterrey area? >> southbound 101 at airport boulevard. it just came in to chp. this plane is upside down on the freeway. it came down near the airport. i just want to -- hold on for a moment. which city is that? it you tell me? we are trying to figure it out. i'm in the newsroom in jana
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case you are wondering who i'm talking to. we will get to the bottom of that. let's go to the pictures now and tell you the traffic is effected by the crash at 280 southbound before winchester in the fast lane. the commute on 880 north and south, that traffic is moving along relatively well. no major problems here. when you get to the toll plaza, it is light coming into san francisco. again, to recap, we have breaking news in monterrey county. a plane has come down on the freeway. they have shutdown 101. we will get to the bottom of it. steve. the fog has come back. it is being held in check by the high pressure which gave us a couple of hot days. southwest winds at 10 at sfo. thank you for showing us that. west/southwest 10. it is not much.
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when you go from calm to 10, that is a sign of a cooler day for some. i think for a majority today, you will notice the sea breeze. once the temperatures start to warm up, we will see the breeze pick up. cooler coast and bay. 90s on hot. like travis yesterday and livermore, 101. they will be in the 90s today. cooler on the coast. they have dropped 12 degrees. that is why i'm going for highs of 68. mt. tam is still 48. there is a sign that the cool air is moving in. a couple of areas of low pressure on the way. they all are cooler. low clouds and fog. sunny and warm away from the fog. there is not much making it
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inland. most locations say clear. 60s and 70s by the beaches. 90s to near 100 inland. not as hot as yesterday. a little warmer on monday in advance of a strong cooling trend on tuesday and wednesday. businesses are shifting a larger portion of health care premiums to the workers. the latest study shows premiums for families rose 14% this year to $4,000. coverage for single workers increased 15%. this morning, campbell's soup announced a profit for the fiscal 4th quarter. income rose 63% from the same time last year. sales were down 1% to $1.5 billion. the campbell's says challenging conditions will keep their growth to less than 3% this year. mystery solved at the bad odor at san jose's international airport. the sewer line broke under
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terminal a at the airport and that probably caused the smell that started last april. a video camera was put down the pipes and it showed the break in the line. they fixed it and there have been no new reports of bad smelling air. we have a report of a plane down in monterrey. and hurricanes in september are not surprising, but the timing of this one is particularly bad. we will tell you why and who will get hurt even if the storm dies down. and the turn of events for a police chief among a spending scandal. south of laredo, there's a place...
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we have breaking news in monterrey county. a plane has come down on highway 101 right near the solinas airport. the freeway there is shutdown. our newschopper 2 is on the way. no word of injuries. however, the freeway is shutdown there on highway 101 in salanas. we have crews on the way.
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let's go back to the desk. thank you. 6:23. there are concerns this morning about hurricane earl. it is barreling down on north carolina just in time for the holiday weekend. our reporter sandra endo is live in kill devil hills this morning on the category two storm. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the eye of the storm has passed this area here in north carolina. we are still feeling the outer bands. it is wet and windy. you can see surf is up. this is just a taste of what the entire east coast will be feeling throughout the day. whipping wind and rain started socking the east coast late thursday. first in hurricane earl's sights is north carolina's shore. >> north carolina dodged a bullet. we are glad that bullet is now out of our state for the most part. >> reporter: along the eastern seaboard. hurricane watches and warnings were in effect days before the
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storm. maryland and north carolina declared a state of emergency. >> this is a seamless response. it shows that the team we have assembled here and the team throughout the state from town to county government and the fema partnership working with the state has proven that north carolina's emergency system is as good as any in the country. >> reporter: hatteras island are taking a beating from the storm economically. >> this could not have come at a worse time. >> this is our busiest weekend. it is hard on us. >> reporter: hours before earl's approach, surfers took advantage of the big waves. some made the best of mother nature's muscle. >> i got out of school. i get to surf all day. i'm not excited about the rain and wind.
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>> reporter: that rain and all that wind is traveling up the east coast right now at 18 miles per hour. this storm is expected to weaken to a category one hurricane eventually making landfall in nova scotia on saturday. reporting live, i'm sandra endo, back to you. thank you. alameda county fire chief dave kapler is on paid leave. >> we have an acting chief running the department in his absence. >> it is not clear why the chief was pulled off duty, but he was criticized last month when photographs surfaced of him filling up at city gas pumps in his permanent vehicle. we obtained his contract and it doesn't mention anything. there is a warning from police this morning about three
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suspicious men pulling up along some girls. the third accident happened on tuesday when a man followed a girl home. there are different descriptions of the men. a dire warning from caltrain this morning. how it could affect your commute next year. why police believe the body of a missing hercules man may be in a pittsburg dump. and an important economic report released an hour ago. it will have a huge impact on the stocks. the opening bell is up next.
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good morning. welcome back. they are getting ready to ring the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. you see the kids on the right. they are heading back to school. they are honoring operation backpack. >> operation backpack. >> yes. they are volunteers of america. >> did you see the girl to the right? she was scared. >> she jumped. volunteers of america is one of the organizations across the country. they happen to be in new york. operation backpack. they supply low-income and homeless kids with backpacks and school supplies as they head back to school. as we all know, heading back to school and those supplies can be expensive. a nice organization. >> yes. i imagine they will bring the markets good luck. >> that would be nice. good morning. thank you for joining us here. today is friday, september 3,
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2010. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. >> we have a big story right now. it is breaking news as we speak. an aircraft has just gone down on highway 101. this happened in salinas near the airport. the call came in to police about 20 minutes ago. there is a sig alert out there. sal said the craft landed upside down. we have not heard of injuries. we are working to get all of the information in now. our crews are on the way. we will have more details as it comes in. we have learned that law enforcement teams from the bay area will focus their search for clues in the deadly rampage at the pittsburg landfill this morning. we have kraig debro there now. he has more on what is happening with the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. very specifically and to the
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point, they are looking for the body of frederick salas. this call at keller landfall is close to the bart station. the landfill is -- keller landfill is close to the bart station. the landfill is a mile away. i don't know why they think the body is here, but they will look through tons of garbage for hours. police found 73-year-old ricardo salas bludgeoned to death later that day last week. the home was owned by cindy tran, who is a homicide victim. there are more details about a fight that ricardo salas and frederick salas had with efren valdemoro. efren valdemoro is linked to cindy tran's death and ricardo salas' death. he wrote a letter accusing
6:33 am
ricardo salas of being a back stabber and to stay out of the relationship with cindy tran. ricardo salas and frederick salas went to confront efren valdemoro and they got into a fight. efren valdemoro filed a police report after several facial injuries. bruises about his eye and low are jaw as well. he says ricardo salas threw the first punch. at some point, frederick salas jumped in to help his dad. he said every time they let efren valdemoro up, efren valdemoro would throw punches. this is motive for the homicide and the reason that frederick salas is missing. police shot and killed efren valdemoro in richmond on monday night. efren valdemoro got out of his car and ran into a store and police looked in the car he was driving, they found the body of 46-year-old cindy tran. she was strangled to death
6:34 am
during the high-speed chase. efren valdemoro killed ricardo salas and cindy tran. police believe he is responsible for the disappearance of frederick salas. frederick salas' body -- if frederick salas' body is here, police will find it today. reporting live, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. several people are stranded on a boat north of concord. they got stuck in sorano county late last night. we received information where crews cannot rescue the boat because it is in shallow water. no one is hurt and the four adults and three children are not in any danger. our time is 6:34. cal trains budget problems could get worse next year. the $2 million budget deficit could grow to $30 million because of a loss of ridership and less state funding.
6:35 am
for riders, this could mean cuts to late night service and weekend service. ac transit is also warning of reductions to the night owl and weekend services. ac transit says the problem is the ongoing labor dispute with the drivers. it is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars a week. the ac transit board of directors is expected to vote in three weeks. if you are just joining us, big news. part of 101 is shutdown because of a plane crash. sal. >> it is in salinas. it is near airport boulevard. the helicopter came down according to monterrey county chp. helicopter came down on the freeway on the lanes of southbound 101. it landed upside down or to the side. the miracle is the person in
6:36 am
the helicopter has minor injuries only. walked away from the crash and is complaining of pain. otherwise, is okay. it is unclear whether that chopper that came down did actually strike another vehicle. highway 101 is heavily traveled in that area. especially on a weekend like this one. labor day weekend where people are trying to get out of sound. this is in salinas on 101 near airport boulevard. the southbound lanes of 101 are shutdown according to chp. the northbound lanes are getting by. you can bet people are slowing down at the scene. we have a crew on the way. we will let you know more coming up. let's go out to the local traffic here west bay bridge. traffic is looking good into san francisco with no major problems. then, we are looking at 880 north and south. that traffic is moving along very well in oakland. let's go to steve. happy friday, everybody. look at this.
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where is the fog? 55 in san francisco. yesterday at this time, 67. that is a big drop. the fog is there. very shallow. there is a hint of a west wind. west at 10 at sfo. west/southwest at fairfield. you are saying that is nothing. yesterday, they were both calm. i watched this like a hawk and that will pick up later. the for will work its way in san pablo bay. it still has high pressure on top of it. the cooling trend started yesterday late and it will kick in later today. it will still be hot. inland will be hot. temperatures rocketed up. it was darn hot for some. today, temperatures cool down and 98 in santa rosa. 88 today. always tough, but that south breeze will kick in later on. walnut creek from 99 to 92.
6:38 am
oakland from 87 to 77. san jose from 96 to 88. 61 in napa valley. cooler there. livermore at 61. they were at 68 yesterday. 60 in sacramento. upper 90s there. fog up and down the coast means cool conditions from eureka to san diego. there is a stronger wave tuesday and wednesday. that will dive down and get close to us. we will bear watching for that next week. for the weekend, a cooling trend. it will be warmer on monday. the cooling trend is taking itself and starting to kick in. it will be more pronounced saturday and sunday as fog gets help from the next low. low clouds and fog. sunny and warmer. there are hints of a westerly breeze. that will take things down a
6:39 am
bit. 60s and 70s and 80s on the coast and bay. 90s inland. temperatures will warm up quickly. that sea breeze will kick in cooler. warmer on monday. here comes the cooling trend on tuesday and wednesday. thank you. 6:38 is the time. we are getting more information about the helicopter crash in salinas. that is shutting down 101. stay with us. also some awkward moments for arizona's governor during a debate. we will tell you what the governor says about her strange behavior. we will tell you about a sign of trouble that witnesses heard before a deadly plane crash on the peninsula that killed three people. getting busy on highway 4 driving up to concord. i'll have the traffic and weather news coming up.
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welcome back. here is a quick look at the stories we are following for you. we have new information on breaking news from salinas. a helicopter just went down on highway 101 near the salinas airport. this happened 30 minutes ago. the one person on the chopper suffered minor injuries. however, southbound 101 is closed near airport boulevard because the helicopter flipped
6:43 am
over. make sure you stay with us here on ktvu channel 2 news to get all of the updates on the breaking news story. also, we have learned the investigation into a deadly rampage will shift today to the pittsburg landfill. investigators are looking for clues in the disappearance of frederick salas of hercules. investigators say the suspect, efren valdemoro, killed his father last weekend. and hurricane earl is staying further off the east coast than originally predicted. the category two storm is now southeast of north carolina and virginia's border. the weather forecasters say it could pass close to long island before labor day weekend is over. today, crews will likely try to recover the bodies of two of the three victims killed in the plane crash in redwood city. the plane crashed into the lagoon after it took off from
6:44 am
the airport. divers recovered the body of a female victim shortly after the crash, but the bodies of the pilot and plane's owner, bob borrmann, who founded r.e. borrmann's steel company, are still in the water. >> they cannot be physically pulled up without lifting the plane. >> we reached the son of bob borrmann by phone. he tells us that his father was on his way to san martin to visit him. the plane will stay in the water until the ntsb completes the investigation. our channel 2 web site has more information about the plane crash. go to time is 6:44. a conservative legal group says it will appeal to the state supreme court. this is part of the effort to get governor arnold schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown to defend proposition 8. the move comes after the state appeals court
6:45 am
in sacramento dismissed the lawsuit yesterday. there is a decision this morning in the case involving ladies nights at nightclubs. a new york city man sued a number of clubs. he claims the promotions where the women were led in for free or reduced prices were unconstitutional. the federal court disagrees. the high speed rail project is facing opposition. some palo alto claimed no confidence in the project. it was passed by the full council last month. the rail authority has approved a route for the project. that will take the train through the pachecho pass through the peninsula. miami's international airport is open at this hour
6:46 am
again following an overnight evacuation. it was closed and prompted by the discovery of a metal can in a checked bag that looked like a pipe bomb. the bomb squad searched the airport but did not find any explosives. a 70-year-old man is being questioned for the scare. look at this. more activity this morning from a recently awakened volcano in indonesia. after two eruptions earlier this week, that volcano shot a new powerful burst of hot ash more than 10,000 feet in the air. this, by the way, was the strongest eruption so far. they felt this one five miles away. an alert has been issued for 30,000 residents to leave their homes. republican candidate for governor, meg whitman has been released from jury duty. whitman was selected in the child molestation case. she said she would serve, but
6:47 am
she is busy running for governor. her opponent is expected to unveil his first tv ads next week. whitman has spent $25 million on ads over the summer, but brown's campaign manager said those have had little impact. those supporting brown have appeared. arizona governor jan brewer had an awkward moment during a debate with her opponents in the upcoming governor's race. >> we have done everything we could possibly do. >> you saw it. she stumbled and stammered through her opening statement on wednesday night. sometimes she did not say anything. she just stared at the camera. during the radio interview, she said that was the longest 16
6:48 am
seconds of my life. she said i'm only human. >> that would be a bad thing to have happen to you. >> that is tough. >> you think please stop. you don't want that to happen to any of us. >> i had so many embarrassing moments. you could put it together on youtube. >> now there is youtube. those moments live on. good morning. i'll try not to have one right now. i'll tell you that traffic around the bay area is okay. we are following highway 4. traffic is moving along pretty well. it is slow in antioch. there is a morning commute going on this morning for the typical drive to work. of course, some people are leaving for the long holiday weekend. we will have two types of traffic today. moving along and taking a look at west 92, the san mateo bridge with the small delay. this morning's commute is okay
6:49 am
on 280 northbound. we have been talking about the helicopter that came down in the thick fog in salinas. as we go to steve, he will talk about the weather in that part of the bay area or out of the bay area. it is foggy there? in weather terms, it is 100- foot overcast. i know it is feet. salinas airport has a 1.25 visibility. salinas airport is 101. it is off highway 68. monterrey salinas highway. there is fog coming in from monterrey. the thick fog, if you have to travel in that direction, you will encounter thick fog. for us, we have fog. it has lifted here. temperatures are 50s. 55 in san francisco. yesterday at this time, san
6:50 am
francisco was 67. 62 in fairfield. they have a southwest wind at 10. yesterday at this time, nothing. it is not much, but it is a sign of things to come. that sign of things to come is cooler. 59 in oakld. hayward was 70 yesterday. they had a northeast wind. they are down 10 degrees as well. the system that is coming in is running into high pressure. 60s by the coast. 90s inland. 70s and 80s. 55 in san francisco. i'm going for a high of 68. i think there will be enough of a westerly breeze and fog to keep going. 744 at mt. tam. it is four degrees cooler than yesterday. watch this baby take a tumble over the next couple of days. 50s and60ss on the temperatures. another one coming in for
6:51 am
tuesday and wednesday. it will be strong. the hot will be in the interior, but the trend is this. the bigger drop will be on saturday and into sunday. monday will be warmer. low clouds and fog and sunny and warm to hot. if you think anything over 75 is too hot, i understand. there are areas of picking up a westerly breeze from sfo to travis. 80s and 90s inland. cooler tomorrow. there is the bump up on monday in advance of a strong low dropping on tuesday and wednesday. thank you. 6:51 is the time. a matter of bad news, but not as bad as expected. the national unemployment rate is up. the labor department reports this morning that weak hiring by private employers was not enough to keep pace of the large number of people looking for jobs. jobs were added last month and while the report doesn't show
6:52 am
the economy is growing, analysts doesn't indicate the economy is getting worse or falling back into a recession. that has been the worry lately. on wall street, you can see the news was well received. the dow jones industrial average is up 121 points. a live look at the board on the new york stock exchange. checking in on the world markets. nasdaq and s&p 500 are up strongly. european markets shot up when that news came out here in the u.s. south korea automaker kia is recaing 30,000 cars in the u.s. due to fires. this is impacting the soul model and the sorento models. the company says door trim panels may have been improperly put together and that could lead to an electrical short circuit. no fires have been reported. owners will be notified this
6:53 am
month. our time is 6:52. a young teenager stabbed his stepfather several times and will not face criminal charges. , -- and we will tell you how jennifer lopez will soon shape the careers of rising stars. south of laredo, there's a place...
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6:55. let's go to tori with the latest. >> coming up, the search for the missing man connected to the killing rampage is taking a new direction. plus, what triggered the attacks on missing man and his dead father. a boat has been stuck in the water off salinas county all night with four adults and three children on board. we will find out why it is hard to rescue them and what the coast guard is doing to help them. big changes are coming to the san carlos police department. those stories and more coming up. thank you. a 14-year-old boy will not face charges after stabbing his father. there was evidence the boy was forced to do it to stop his stepfather from attacking his mother. this comes from the dispute in
6:57 am
the small town of cavallio two weeks ago. let's look at the toll plaza. we have not taken a good look ago that. is it getting -- a good look at that. is it getting busy? >> yes. we have some people driving to work and others driving out of town. chp is playing a role as well. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. we had clear skies and now the fog is back. some of it is more in the way of fog, but it is on the way for many today. inland, we still have 90s. the big cooldown will take place over the weekend. tuesday, we have a strong system and a possibility of rain for lake county. thank you. jennifer lopez is reportedly close to signing a deal to make her a judge on "american idol." tmz reports that jennifer lopez is in the final stages of
6:58 am
contract negotiations. barring any last-minute problems, it could be final next week. our crew has been busy. they are headed to salinas where an hour ago a helicopter crash landed on the freeway. we will tell you what could be a factor in the crash. plus, it is the third spare the air day in a row. we will look at how hot it will get in your neighborhood and how long the warming trend will last. stay with us.
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